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Since the end of November 2012, Siempelkamp Logistics & Service has been one of the companies to date with the certificate “Known Consignor”. This certification, awarded by the German Federal Aviation Office in conjunction with an audit, primarily means one thing: SLS provides you with spare parts via the fastest route.

Whereas air freight consignments have had to be inspected by appropriate offices at airports or on the premises of freight forwarding agents since 2013, as a “Known Consignor” we carry out this inspection on our own premises. In other words, freight leaves our warehouse as secure cargo.

The benefits of the certificate at a glance:

  • Adherence to strict security regulations in Bad Kreuznach, e.g. restricted areas for the freight and intensive training of our employees
  • No need for x-ray inspection of the freight and manual inspections in which spare parts might be damaged by the packaging being opened
  • No delay in delivery due to external inspections
  • No additional costs

Air freight security officer Sascha Welpe summarizes the situation: “We have accepted the not inconsiderable expense of certification so that we can offer our clients the high standard of service to which they are accustomed.

November 2015: the ongoing status inspection has also been passed with flying colours

In autumn 2015, the German Federal Aviation Office validated the SLS plant in Bad Kreuznach as a Known Consignor. Thanks to the optimum organization of our processes, the authorities were able to conclude this status inspection within a very short period of time. Siempelkamp Logistics & Service GmbH now has approved Known Consignor status for a further five years, hence until November 2020.

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