Rodrigo Suchomel to take over responsibility in Curitiba

Personnel issue
Sales Director for Modernizations and Spare Parts

Rodrigo is already well-known in the South American market as an expert on Siempelkamp production lines and on the additional portfolio of the affiliated companies within the Siempelkamp group. Rodrigo Suchomel has been a member of our team in Brazil for more than nine years already and we are sure that he brings along all necessary requirements to perform perfectly for you as our customers and business partners in his new position.

Expert in this position

Graduated as an Industrial Automation from the Instituto Superior Tupy, followed by a post-graduation as a maintenance engineer and combined with his experience of more than 18 years in various maintenance management positions in the wood-based panels industry, Rodrigo Suchomel is the perfect match for this important position. In addition, he is already known to all Siempelkamp customers in South America as a sales manager for spare parts and modifications.

“I am ready to continue my support with my new responsibility to our customers in South America with all my efforts and with a specialized team of experts, mainly based here in Curitiba. I am sure that we can satisfy our customers’ demands in this rapidly growing market.”

Rodrigo Suchomel