Symposium Turkey 2022

Team Siempelkamp:
3rd Customer Symposium in Turkey

Krefeld, October 26, 2022

We are where our customers are - and from October 20th to 21st, 2022, that was in Istanbul. There, Team Siempelkamp, consisting of Siempelkamp Logistics and Service (SLS), Siempelkamp Maschinen- und Anlagenbau, and the subsidiaries Büttner and Pallmann, invited to a 2-day symposium. The focus was to exchange ideas with the Turkish customers and their technical teams on site and to present the latest developments, trends, and services to them. The interest and enthusiasm of the more than 120 participants was great.

3rd Siempelkamp Customer Symposium in Istanbul: We are where our customers are

Safer, better, more efficient
- plants on the next level

SLS Managing Director Dr. Stephan Niggeschmidt, together with the team of experts from Sales and Service attending the event in Istanbul, presented comprehensive concepts for spare parts supply and flexibly designed modernization packages that optimize existing plant technology. With more than 35 ContiRoll® lines in operation in the Turkish market, there is great potential for both sides to maintain the cooperation at the highest performance level in the long term.

The presentation of the Prod-IQ® software family met with great interest. In this context, the talk about the strategic partnership with the up-and-coming company SMARTECH and the marketing launch of the jointly developed AI-based solution Prod-IQ · SmartPress formed a highlight. Prod-IQ · SmartPress represents a new era of data collection and analysis. "This concept will enable wood-based panel plant operators to realize unimagined benefits by unlocking the potential in the data, enabling Prod-IQ · SmartPress to further increase the productivity of their plants," explains Dr. Stephan Niggeschmidt.

Ulrich Kaiser, Head of Technical Sales at Siempelkamp, inspired the participants by offering insight into new trends and products for the wood-based panel industry in his presentations. The production of OSB, advanced OSB, and insulation boards could be of special interest for the Turkish market in the future. Siempelkamp as a pioneer in the Turkish market will start up the first ContiRoll® line for OSB production before the end of the year. "In a booming market with an extremely high level of construction activity, OSB products for the construction sector are thus now developing as an attractive solution in addition to MDF and particleboard for the furniture industry, which will also be very popular in the packaging industry and other sectors," said Ulrich Kaiser.

Other presentations rounded off the program of the event. These included presentations by the subsidiaries Pallmann and Büttner. The latter introduced the symposium guests to the technical innovations in the field of dryers. The expansion of the dryer portfolio through the cooperation with the German company New Eco-Tec in the area of belt dryer technology also illustrated the innovative strength of the drying specialist within the Siempelkamp Group. The newly established Büttner Service Center was also presented in detail. Pallmann, the size reduction specialist within the Siempelkamp Group, presented the advantages of the EcoPulser. The size reduction process based on sonic shock waves works without contact and is thus particularly energy-efficient. In times of price explosion for electricity, this is one of the most efficient solutions, for example, for the production of particleboard surface material.

An excellent event that shows Siempelkamp's full competence!

Faruk Şişci, General Manager of Siempelkamp's Turkish representative office, summed up: "This was an excellent event which our customers followed with great interest in all presentations. Siempelkamp has very many friends in Turkey. We will be happy to repeat this symposium in the future!"

Last but not least, the excellent organization of the event, carried out by the Siempelkamp representative office Turkey around Faruk Şişci, contributed to the success of this symposium. Their team had chosen the Green Park Pendik Hotel & Convention Center as an ideal venue and provided a varied supporting program. Thus, in addition to the informative part of the symposium, exchange and entertainment were not neglected. The next opportunity for this occured already a few days later: At the Intermob Istanbul 2022 the Siempelkamp experts and the Turkish Siempelkamp customers could further deepen the topics of the symposium.