Our webinar series THE DIGITAL GAME CHANGER launches – join us!

The opening event will take place on Tuesday, December 08, 2020, at 15.30 hrs (CET). Topic of this webinar:

How Machine Learning can push the limits of your production

    Join us and experience how Prod-IQ.quality redefines the performance of your plant. Elias Sabaghi and Bernd Russkamp, our experts from the Industrial IT department, will expertly demonstrate

    • how the software determines all important data from the production of wood-based panels,
    • what advantages this offers and,
    • on the basis of concrete figures, which direct benefit it will have for you.

    If you are interested, then simply register here:

    We will then send you the invitation link to our webinar.

    Due to time difference repetition of the webinar planned

    The webinar will be repeated on January 21, 2021, this time at 7 a.m. CET. There will be a separate registration option for this.

    We will keep you up to date.

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