We assume responsibility

Socially, economically and ecologically
Our understanding of sustainability

We are aware that as a company it is not easy to position ourselves in the conflict between financial value creation and environmental protection. But we also know that we have to actively promote the issue of sustainability in terms of society, nature and the economy. Our most important resource for this: Innovative strength.

Lasting solutions
Potential for today and tomorrow

As an aftersales specialist we have the opportunity to contribute our part in the sustainable use of resources. And we use it every day – by means of our continuous technological developments as well as with our concepts for future-proof plants. By looking after machines and plants throughout their entire life cycle we ensure that production can continue over a long period of time. Our solutions not only keep the systems running, but also bring them to a higher technical level. A concrete example: 15% less glue required in MDF production after installation of the Ecoresinator. This not only saves raw materials from an ecological point of view, but also makes production more efficient.

Resource efficiency in everyday business
Common practice at SLS

In addition to the technical possibilities we have taken further measures aimed at the responsible use of natural resources. For example, since our foundation in 2010 we have consistently worked with paperless archiving. This means folders and sheets of paper that do not have to be produced, purchased or kept on hand. Added to this is what we save additionally by not using printers. We also pay attention to sustainability in building technology: In the context of modernizations or rebuilds and new buildings, we take into account the latest EnEV specifications and use sustainable products and technologies: Air-heat pumps, LED technology or the replacement of old oil heating systems are examples of this.

All this conserves natural resources and contributes to sustainable financial management.

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