MES & Industrial IT solutions

More profit due to smart data usage
With MES from Siempelkamp

Higher efficiency, higher productivity, more economic viability: All of this potential is in the data of your plant. It only has to be made available - with intelligent MES.

Production intelligence
for optimal processes

With Prod-IQ® and DAHMOS our MES experts offer software systems that are exactly that: intelligent tools with which you can optimize the whole production process of your plant with virtually one click. The spectrum of this software ranges from process data management to smart production, from sensor to ERP. And all of this not just for Siempelkamp plants, but also third-party plants. And because digitalization is progressing, we are also continually developing these systems in direct exchange with our customers. This means that we ensure one thing: We continually give you the right answer to Industry 4.0, its challenges and opportunities with our control technology and MES.

The core products

Intelligent production control

Prod-IQ® is a modular production data management system to increase productivity.

More information about Prod-IQ®

Efficient use of process data

DAHMOS is a database-based process data management system for networked monitoring of production.

More information about DAHMOS

Prod-IQ · SmartPress
Autonomous process control for wood-based panel plants

The AI-based solution Prod-IQ · SmartPress, developed in cooperation with the Israeli company SMARTECH, increases plant performance and product quality while reducing production costs.

More information about Prod-IQ · SmartPress

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