Prod-IQ · SmartPress

Prod-IQ · SmartPress
More autonomy for your wood-based panel plant

Together with the Israeli high-tech company SMARTECH, we offer the AI-based solution Prod-IQ · SmartPress, which provides your wood-based panel plant with a groundbreaking autonomous process control.

Closed-loop Solution
Leveraging all potentials by means of AI in your wood-based panel plant

Prod-IQ · SmartPress uses machine learning algorithms as well as AI methods to increase press performance, ensure board quality and reduce your production costs at the same time. The Prod-IQ · SmartPress architecture combines real-time production parameters with operator’s actions to generate higher levels of performance at all levels. Whereas the decision-making process used to lie with the machine operator, Prod-IQ · SmartPress now shifts autonomous decision-making to the plant itself. The concept synchronizes the performance of machines, processes and operators in real time.

Together with SMARTECH, we have already validated the unprecedented capabilities of Prod-IQ · SmartPress on a complete production line at a world-leading wood-based panel manufacturer.

Features, benefits, values


  • Acquisition and analysis of (material flow tracked) process and production data and operator interactions - how do they influence quality and plant performance?
  • Application of AI-based algorithms and methods
  • Online quality control through machine learning-based online quality predictions via the integrated Prod-IQ.quality module
  • Determination of set value suggestions in real time to increase plant performance while ensuring quality
  • Autonomous process control of the press by integrating the set value suggestions into the input systems of the line
  • Stabilization of further process areas, e.g. for moisture control (as far as influence is technically possible)


  • Harmonized performance between shifts
  • Less manual intervention, increased plant performance
  • Assists in upskilling novice operators
  • On-premise solution – system is installed in the plant
  • Quick and simple implementation

Measurable values

  • Increased productivity
  • Raw material savings
  • Production stability
  • Quality assurance

“We are enthusiastic to offer Prod-IQ · SmartPress together with SMARTECH to help wood-based panel manufacturers extract even more value from their presses, and ultimately improve their bottom-line. This software tool will equip manufacturers with leading-edge technology to successfully face their operational challenges.”

Gregor Bernardy, Head of MES and Industrial IT Solutions at Siempelkamp

„For many years we have been pursuing our strategy of a self-optimizing plant. With our Prod-IQ · SmartPress solution, we have now developed the final building block for this in our Prod-IQ® software family with a strong partner.”

Marc Müller, Head of Commercial Sales at Siempelkamp

“We are delighted to offer this unique AI-based solution to the wood-based panel sector, and we expect it will quickly become the North Star for Industrial Autonomy in the industry. We are extremely proud to partner with Siempelkamp on Prod-IQ · SmartPress.”

Hanoch Magid, CEO of SMARTECH

“The capabilities of Prod-IQ · SmartPress have shown that innovative AI technologies can bring unprecedented benefits to manufacturers by unleashing the potential of data and increasing productivity. SMARTECH and Siempelkamp are revolutionizing the wood panel sector with their AI-based solution that it is far beyond industry 4.0.”

Hansjoerg Prettner, SMARTECH VP Europe and Asia, firmly established in the wood-based panel industry with almost twenty years of experience