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Our vision: the self-optimizing plant. Our solution: Prod-IQ® Next. Under this label, we continue to develop our tried and tested measurement and MES components. In the future, you will only need to plan what you want to produce and when. The plant takes over the implementation via the Prod-IQ®-Next functions: It converts to the specific product, monitors the quality online and converts to the next product – automatically, reliably and cost-efficiently. Prod-IQ® Next as the superior MES-tool therefore coordinates the flawless interaction of all plant components, whether measurement technology or regulation. The result: more economically viable production, constant product quality and longer life spans of the plant.

Features, advantages, customer benefit
Prod-IQ® Next at a glance

The MES-system Prod-IQ® Next ensures a cost-optimized, quality-assured production process with the lowest possible material and energy consumption at the highest production speed. In concrete terms, this means:

  • Production order list
  • Integrated recipe management
  • Automated product change
  • Production data management
  • Online quality control with prediction
  • Performance and condition monitoring
  • Integrated controllers


  • Resource-saving production under all process conditions
  • Fully automated system
  • Permanent quality monitoring
  • Production at optimum
  • Reduced production costs, e.g. through optimum gluing, or less mat weight, faster press speed and reduced energy consumption

These product advantages result in the following concrete benefits for you:

Further information

The following article from the Siempelkamp Bulletin describes the functionality and advantages of the superior MES-system Prod-IQ® Next in detail:

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