Prod-IQ® turns data into a resource

Intelligent production
The key to efficiency

The prerequisite for sustainable optimization of all production processes is seamlessly traceable production, at every stage of the value chain. That is why we have developed Prod-IQ®, a modular MES-tool which provides reliable key figures in real time for production management, quality assurance, servicing and maintenance. This creates the basis for intelligent and maximally efficient production processes.

Evaluate efficiency
Increase productivity

Using the data provided by Prod-IQ®, you can comprehensively evaluate the efficiency of your plant. Whether number of boards, quality, consumption, downtime or reject rates: Prod-IQ® shows directly which adjustments you can make to systematically increase the productivity of your plant. As a user you benefit above all from our high level of industry expertise: Prod-IQ® reflects our entire expertise as company of the Siempelkamp Group. The MES-system is precisely tailored to the requirements of our customers in the wood-based materials industry, but due to its high capacity for integration it is also used in other industries, e.g. in metal forming.

Prod-IQ® in numbers
Use the potential of your data

Prod-IQ® reduces production costs and increases productivity at the same time. This ensures a rapid amortization of your investment and an optimally calculable ROI. The concrete figures:

Potential Ø-value in % Additional advantages
Reduced downtime 1.5% Systematic analysis of downtime, quicker error localization
Reduced rejects 1.0% Online quality control (SPOC)
Reduced material consumption 2.0% Less process fluctuation, lighter boards with the same quality
Increased speed 0.5% Production closer to quality limits

Features and advantages of Prod-IQ®
What it does and the benefits it brings

In order to get a first impression of the performance and flexibility of Prod-IQ® we have summarized the basic features of the modules and their advantages:

  • Automatic downtime calculation and availability analysis
  • Management of production data with calculation of KPIs, e.g. for performance, consumption, quality and costs
  • Documentation of settings for production through material flow tracking
  • Online quality control (SPOC) for strength properties and raw density profile
  • Web-based dashboard for KPI and OEE key figures
  • Connection to ERP systems, e.g. SAP
  • Online availability of all consumption and performance data for performance analysis
  • Reproducible product quality
  • Automatic implementation of group-wide standards
  • Increased productivity, via material savings with ensured quality, higher plant speed and reduced rejects amongst other things
  • Increased availability due to systematic downtime analysis and preventative servicing
  • Manufacturer-independent integration into existing and new plants possible
  • 100% made in Germany

You can also find more detailed information on the individual modules on the specific module pages.

Do you have any questions or would you like to receive advice on how individual modules or the complete Prod-IQ® family can optimize your production processes and make them fit for the future? Contact us.

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Prod-IQ® modules
Flexible, highly effective, reliable

The modular structure of Prod-IQ® enables custom-fit solutions for every business requirement. The modules and their basic functions at a glance:

Prod-IQ.basics Plus is the basic module of the Prod-IQ® software family. It produces online KPIs about availability, plant performance, consumption or quality and documents processes.

Details to Prod-IQ.basics Plus

The self-learning module Prod-IQ.quality predicts the quality of important board parameters reliably and online.

Details to Prod-IQ,quality

Options for Prod-IQ®
Boosts for your processes

Various options make the use of Prod-IQ® even more versatile. These include a connection to your ERP system and manufacturer-independent integration into plant types other than those in the wood-based materials industry. Of course, the maintenance of the software is also part of our range of services. Here you can inform yourself about these options:

ERP-connection and cross-industry applicationSupport

Further information

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