For reliable and current key performance indicators

Always up to daten
with current KPIs

Prod-IQ.basics produces online management key performance indicators about availability, plant performance, consumption or quality and documents processes.

Basic module of Prod-IQ®

Prod-IQ.basics is included in the installation of a new ContiRoll®, and already prepared for the integration of further modules of Prod-IQ®. It can be integrated into existing plants and even plants of other manufacturers at any time

Features, advantages, customer benefit
Prod-IQ.basics at a glance

To get a first impression of the scope of functions and benefits of Prod-IQ.basics we have summarized the basic features of the module and its benefits:

  • Collection and storage of production data
  • Tracking the material flow with a laboratory report
  • Downtime manager: systematic analysis of downtime and its causes
  • Production Data Manager: clear order, shift, daily and monthly evaluations
  • Automatically generated reports incl. downtime lists and statistics as Excel files
  • Trending (online and historical): issuing the production data in a timeline diagram for the purpose of monitoring
  • Configuration Manager: central plant configuration for data collection, reasons for downtime, user management etc.
  • Cyclic collection of all production and process data
  • Complete documentation of product development
  • Exact recording and quick elimination of downtime
  • Detailed and clear visualization

These product advantages result in the following concrete benefit for you:

Modular design
for maximum scalability

Starting from Prod-IQ.basics you can freely combine the Prod-IQ® modules according to your requirements. The other modules at a glance:

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Further information

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