More efficient servicing and maintenance

For maximum availability
Quickly and in a targeted manner

Prod-IQ.maintenance controls preventative servicing and maintenance measures for your machines and plants. This secures the investment, reduces maintenance costs and at the same time increases the plant availability.

Focus on maintenance
Predictable and comfortable

Prod-IQ.maintenance includes a logically divided plant structure tree, which illustrates all the maintenance objects with their maintenance criteria and intervals. If necessary, it can be supplemented with CAD drawings, maintenance instructions or images.

Efficient maintenance management
by process connection

Preventative maintenance orders can be triggered cyclically, condition-based or by a combination of both. Prod-IQ.maintenance reads the necessary data for this directly from the control elements of the plant. In addition, the module serves to reveal weak points. To do this, it evaluates the data stored in the repair management system, which identifies the causes of recurring or similar malfunctions. This means that plant operators can initiate counter measures immediately.

Features, advantages, customer benefit
Prod-IQ. maintenance at a glance

To get a first impression of the functionality and benefits of Prod-IQ.maintenance, we have summarized the basic features of the module and its advantages:

  • Plant structure tree with all maintenance objects
  • Process connection for condition-based maintenance
  • Repair management incl. repair requirement notification and status tracking
  • Weak point analysis
  • Predictable, forward-looking and condition-based maintenance
  • Increased plant availability
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Efficient elimination of weak points
  • Web-based, easy use

These product advantages result in the following concrete benefits for you:

Modular design
for maximum scalability

Starting from Prod-IQ.basics you can freely combine the Prod-IQ® modules according to your requirements. The other modules at a glance:

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Further information

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