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The Prod-IQ® new addition

The Prod-IQ.profile module developed in collaboration with the Bern University of Applied Sciences in Biel ensures fine tuning of production by predicting the raw density profile online.

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Prod-IQ.profile is calibrated via laboratory raw density profiles, and uses a further developed physical model based on the model VHP (Virtual Hot Press) for the prediction. It calculates the raw density profile of the current production via the material values calculated such as surface weight and moisture as well as press settings (pressures, temperatures, speed) and presents it as a diagram. The results are available directly after the pressing. Thus the laborious x-ray measurement technique is usually not required. Plant operators can achieve the desired product quality faster.

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Features, advantages, customer benefit
Prod-IQ.profile at a glance

To get a first impression of the functionality and benefits of Prod-IQ.profile, we have summarized the basic features of the module and its advantages:

  • Simulation of mat behavior in the press on the basis of a physical model
  • Supplementing the Prod-IQ® predictions with the raw density profile
  • Reliable online prediction
  • Directly available results
  • Reduced conversion losses
  • Simulation allows settings to be tested before the operator changes them

These product advantages result in the following concrete benefits for you:

Modular design for
maximum scalability

Starting from Prod-IQ.basics Plus you can freely combine the Prod-IQ® modules according to your requirements. The other modules at a glance:

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Further information

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