Increase in productivity

Future-oriented production
through sustainable optimization

Performance, availability and quality have a decisive influence on the productivity of a plant. By optimizing these three parameters individually or as a whole, our products and solutions help to increase the added value of your plant in the long term.

Solutions for higher productivity

The below listed SLS products increase the production capacity of your plant in the long term:

  • Prod-IQ® Next: superior control circuit for cost-optimized target values and for quality control
  • Product page Prod-IQ® Next
  • Prod-IQ.quality: online quality control by prediction of board properties and necessary reserve (statistical modeling))
  • Product page Prod-IQ.quality
  • Intelligent system with state-of-the-art hardware technology as a basis for higher speeds
  • Product page SPC G9
  • System for precise measurement of weight-per-unit-area distribution, adaptive matformer control (MDF) and reliable tramp material detection
  • Product page EcoScan NEO
  • Mat preheating (with saturated steam) to increase production speed
  • Product page ContiBooster
  • Automatic product changeover without opening of mat reject nose or production stop
  • Product page SPC
  • Wear and failure reducing system
  • Modification for safe discharge during production up to 1,500 mm/sec
  • Reduced material consumption due to smaller forming width, even edge trimming, guaranteed trimming
  • Control system ContiPress®: upgrade of belt and roller chain carpet
  • Extension ContiPress®: extension towards the outfeed or infeed, with or without cooling zone
  • Product page ContiPress®

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