Optimized maintenance

Optimized operating costs
through fully exploited potential

The longer a system runs smoothly, the higher its profitability. This requires a well thought-out maintenance strategy and reliably operating components. We offer appropriate solutions and technical innovations for both areas. They significantly increase the life cycle of your plant and ensure that you can make optimum use of its capacity.

Solutions for a longer life cycle

The below listed SLS products extend the service life of your plant and minimize the maintenance effort:

  • Energy-efficient secondary crushing of wood chips and chip material by means of a wear-free shock wave process, less fine material, reduced risk of explosion
  • Product page EcoPulser
  • Double cross-cut saw or double cross-cut saw 20° and 30°: Longer service life through guarantee of spare parts and support as well as more durable material
  • Product page Finishing lines
  • wear and failure reducing system

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