Product quality

More profitability
through improved quality

If a plant produces high-quality products, this reduces the amount of rejects and increases the marketability of the finished product. The result: significant savings in material and higher competitiveness in the market. We also offer a whole range of solutions for this, these solutions are characterized by long service life and a fast ROI.

Solutions for optimum product quality

The following SLS products ensure or increase product quality and guarantee a long-term reduction in rejects:

  • System for precise measurement of weight-per-unit-area distribution, adaptive matformer control (MDF) and reliable tramp material detection
  • Product page EcoScan NEO
  • Mat preheating (with saturated steam) to increase production speed
  • Product page ContiBooster
  • Reduced material consumption due to smaller forming width, even edge trimming, guaranteed trimming
  • Precise measurement technology (moisture, traversing area-weight-scales, blisters, thickness), integrated in control systems for fast regulation, e.g. thickness control
  • Product page SicoScan

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