Innovative Inline-board measurement
for optimized press line

SicoCam: the new addition to the SicoScan-device family of Siempelkamp which is used for quality measurement and fully automatic process control in the production of wood-based panels.

Brief Profile
Features of SicoCam

As a fully automatic measuring system, SicoCam captures each edge of the board during production. The measurement data is processed in the form of width-, linear- and diagonal dimensions for direct evaluation. If necessary, the cutting parameters of the diagonal saw can be adjusted immediately. The result: optimized press line, consistently high production quality and reduced costs due to reduced rejects.

The SicoCam

Product advantages and customer benefits
Reliable production quality

  • Saving material and energy
  • Consistently high production quality
  • Safety at work
  • No manual measurement errors
  • Immediate correction of the saw if necessary
  • Easy and quick retrofitting
  • No additional space required

These product advantages result in the following specific benefits for you:

Highest safety at work
thanks to automated process

In order to check the dimensions of particleboard, MDF and OSB raw boards in the cooling and destacking line, it has so far been common practice to reject random samples or to measure them manually in the star cooler. This has a number of disadvantages: above all, a lot of rejects, but also safety problems. In addition, the measurements are sometimes incomplete or faulty, for example, because measuring tapes have been stretched by heat. With the innovative SicoCam system our engineers have developed an intelligent, fully automatic and high-precision Inline-board measurement system that completely replaces the manual procedure. It thus additionally ensures the highest safety standard at the workplace.

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