Precise measurement technology
for optimum control

Another milestone in Siempelkamp’s development: the SicoScan measuring system, which further expands our product portfolio. Based on the process expertise of our engineering department, it is a powerful component of the automated production line. SicoScan generates synergies on the basis of proven measurement systems and components, which provide for optimized production processes, increased plant availability and higher profitability.

Brief profile
Features of SicoScan

SicoScan is a process-integrated system determining moisture and weight of the mat, board thickness and the thickness of the blisters in the finished board in real time. This data, together with other production parameters, is immediately summarized in a data set, collected in Prod-IQ®, the process data management system from Siempelkamp, and evaluated on the basis of tested routines. At the same time, it is transferred to the production process and will regulate it again if necessary. Thus safety reserves and over-dimensioning are systematically reduced and the entire production process is optimized. SicoScan is integrated into the existing visualization and IT infrastructure, can be retrofitted and is quickly available.

Product advantages and customer benefits
Higher quality, improved performance

  • Integral part, no standalone solution
  • Reliable and uniform data
  • Compact and uniform user interface provides for optimized transparency in the control room
  • Reduced raw material and energy consumption
  • Reduced spare parts requirements
  • Increased market competitiveness
  • Increased production safety

These product advantages result in these specific benefits for you:

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