Effective mat preheating
for highest productivity

Highest productivity and quality require the best process conditions. Mat preheating before the pressing process represents a significant improvement. Before the mat enters the press the mat preheater ContiBooster injects up to 750 kg/h of saturated steam with a temperature ranging between 100 and 130°C into the mat surfaces, thus directly heating up the surface layers. The results: significantly improved surface quality of the wood-based panels and increased production capacity.

Brief profile
Features of the ContiBooster

The newly developed multi-chamber system of the ContiBooster injects saturated steam from top and bottom side of the mat through the proven Siempelkamp hot platens into the mat surfaces. Due to the multi-chamber design, the amount of steam injected can be zone-specifically controlled and precisely adjusted to the production width. Heated steam chambers and the integrated condensation drainage system ensure that the product surface remains absolutely free of condensation drops during the heating process. Top and bottom screen belts hold the mat surfaces in place during steam injection. The automated height adjustment adapts immediately to the respective new nominal thickness ranging from 6 to 40 mm.

Up to 20% more capacity
easily retrofitted

The ContiBooster optimizes product qualities of MDF, particle boards as well as OSB and increases the production capacity of existing plants by 10 to 20%. It can be installed in existing plants with minimal downtime. The steam boxes can be removed for maintenance and cleaned separately. A steam generator adapted to the special needs of the ContiBooster is available upon request.

Product advantages and customer benefits
Higher productivity, better quality

  • 10 to 20% increase in production capacity for MDF, particle boards and OSB
  • Compensation of seasonal fluctuations in production capacity
  • Material savings due to reduced sanding allowance as a result of improved surface quality
  • Can be retrofitted in existing plants with ContiRoll® presses of all generations due to compact design

These product advantages result in the following specific benefits for you:

The ContiBooster

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