SPC - Sequential Product Changeover

Automated changeover procedure
for significantly less rejects

For a continuously operating press such as ContiRoll® the changeover processes are disturbance variables which reduce productivity. With the SPC we offer software which automatically reduces rejects and changeover time to a minimum when changing commissions. The exact number of boards per commission can be produced.

Brief profile
ROI from five product changes per day

The SPC enables product changeover with the mat reject nose closed. Since the material strand is not interrupted, the press remains closed during the changeover process. Disturbances during opening and closing of the press such as belt displacement or temperature fluctuations no longer occur. While the automatic changeover process is running, a transition wedge is created which is rejected in the finishing process. Overall this significantly increases press productivity.

Key features of SPC:
Exact position tracking for precise and reliable product changeover

Prerequisites for the use of the SPC are automatically adjustable units and proven recipes for the desired commission changes. In order to be able to automatically change all involved units at the right time, an exact position tracking of the material flow from matformer to finishing is necessary. This position tracking is a key function of the software. A data server, integrated in the Siempelkamp press control PLC, sends the trigger signals to the controls of the individual units. The changeover process is completely calculated and checked for feasibility in the SPC system prior to execution. The user interface informs the operator in detail about the planned changeover process in advance. If different alternatives are possible, these are offered for selection. Only when the operator releases the changeover process does the SPC system take over the automatic changeover of all units and monitor the complete process.

Our experience shows that 70% of all product changeovers are carried out without interruption of the material strand. If the parameter changes between two jobs are too large, the changeover process is carried out with the mat reject nose open instead of closed and with a short interruption of the material strand.

Product advantages and customer benefits
More efficient production with completely monitored process

  • Significantly reduced rejects
  • Safe handling, changeover only after process release
  • Precise position tracking of the material flow
  • Fast ROI

These product advantages result in the following specific benefits for you:

Changeover options

Type Changeover (plant group) Typical limits of changeover
Length Double diagonal saws any combination possible
Width Matformer, forming line and press, trimmer saw +/- 80 mm
Thickness (< 16 mm board thickness) Matformer, forming line and press max. +/- 2.5 mm
Thickness (> 16 mm board thickness) Matformer, forming line and press +/- 15%
(max. +/- 4 mm)
Density Matformer, forming line and press +/- 15% to
+/- 25%

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