For optimally running steel belts

Our innovation for steel belts
24/7 Monitoring

Steel belts are a critical plant component: in addition to the high costs of installation and maintenance, the condition of the steel belt is decisive for product quality. In addition, manual visual inspection is time-consuming and associated with risks. These points can limit availability, quality and productivity. Our answer: fully automatic steel belt monitoring.

The principle
Info in real time and detailed

The high-performance monitoring system analyzes the condition of the steel belt around the clock and detects even minor damage and material buildup at full production speed. In real time, the operator is informed about these irregularities, the type of damage, the exact position, the size and the time of occurrence. This means that damage or other irregularities can be rectified directly and easily - before further costly consequential damage occurs or the plant comes to a standstill.

Scope of delivery

The components for steelbelt monitoring:

  • Sensor unit top and bottom
  • Control cabinet
  • Computer

Installation examples

Product Video

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Product advantages and customer benefits
Effective and safe monitoring

  • Reliable and reproducible 24/7 monitoring of the steel belts
  • Instant notification on new material build-ups and damages
  • Scrap and damage limitation through early intervention options
  • Process improvement through damage and root cause analysis
  • Improved repair planning
  • Complete history of belt damage and build-up development over time

These product advantages result in the following specific benefits for you:

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