PLC – Programmable Logic Controller

Upgrades of control electronics
Intelligent technology for existing plants

Our electronic optimizations also include PLC upgrades, since, for example, the PLC 5 and S5 generations have been discontinued and spare parts can therefore no longer be reordered.

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Safe to operate in the long term

For the modernization of this control technology we prefer to use adapter modules, which allow the installation of the new CPU and PLC side racks to be carried out in the shortest possible time. A new PLC ensures greater operational reliability and also opens the option of implementing further modernizations in the future.

Features and product advantages

For retrofitting older existing plants we use adapter modules, which eliminate the need for a complete rewiring of the PLC racks. This simplifies the I/O check considerably. In addition, after programming, the CPU and all PLC side racks are tested for function by means of a simulation at the Krefeld site before delivery. Thanks to the technology used and the in-house testing, plant downtimes can be reduced from four weeks to just a couple of days – more than three weeks are saved, which pays off in terms of production time gained and thus greater cost effectiveness.

These product advantages result in the following specific benefits for you:

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