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SPC G9 is an extremely powerful hardware which controls the press forces and distances in the ContiRoll® with more than 20,000 measured data.

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The new Siempelkamp press controller SPC G9 was developed to help shape the current and future demands on digitization in machine and plant engineering. This intelligent pressure / position control system uses raw data from pressure-position sensors to control the desired press forces and distances in the technological press zones of the ContiRoll®.

Features and product advantages

The SPC G9 is based on state-of-the-art hardware technology, uses proven Siempelkamp system architecture and the Ethernet-based fieldbus PROFINET-IO for ultrafast measurement value logging.

Processors with multi-core architecture provide the Sico SPC with outstanding computing power. In the course of upgrades to existing plants, the new Sico SPC G9 replaces SPC systems of the first and second generation without any problem. PROFINET replaces INTERBUS S interfaces; following minor adjustments, the programs for the pressure and position control are integrated. Established tool chains as well as existing hardware configurations remain unchanged after the upgrade to SPC G9.

These product advantages result in the following specific benefits for you:

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