Less glue consumption
more profitable production

The Ecoresinator - Siempelkamp’s glue/fiber blending system with convincing advantages: significant material savings, low operating costs, technological flexibility.

Brief profile
Up to 15% less glue

The special 2-component nozzle technology of the Ecoresinator reduces the glue consumption by up to 15% while at the same time improving the board quality. Any existing plant can be retrofitted with an Ecoresinator within a short interval, since it is supplied as a preassembled glue-injection system including switch cabinet and automation software. This ensures minimum downtimes and fast ROI.

Product advantages and customer benefits
Higher quality, reduced costs

  • Up to 15% less glue consumption
  • Precise metering of the glue mix by an intelligent control
  • Homogeneous application to the fibers
  • No glue stains on the board
  • Optimal modulation of the glue droplet size in regard to the product requirements
  • Test and assembly prior to delivery
  • No modification of upstream and downstream elements required
  • Wear resistant, as it works in the low-pressure range
  • Integrated cleaning automatism

These product advantages result in the following specific benefits for you:

Success Story

Ecoresinator for Arauco

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