Glue kitchens

Glue kitchens from Siempelkamp
For optimized dosing

In order to prepare and dose glue and other recipes as accurately as possible, we rely on quality and technological know-how in our glue kitchens.

Brief profile
High-quality technology for efficient glueing

Glue kitchens are equipped with 2-component nozzles “made in Germany”. Compared to conventional 1-component nozzles, a much finer spray pattern and reduced material usage are achieved. Each unit is completely pre-assembled, electrically wired and tested by us. The advantage: they are installed and commissioned very quickly.

Features of the glue kitchens

  • Dosing systems for different volumes and components
  • Continuous measurement method thanks to flow meters and verification by continuous level metering of the dosing bins
  • Dosing tanks for each component equipped with pressure-controlled level regulation
  • Innovative software
  • Pressure equalizer with automatic shut-off

Product advantages and customer benefits
Best cost-benefit ratio

  • High dosing accuracy
  • Higher technical flexibility
  • Less material- and maintenance costs
  • High performance and long service life
  • Standardized components and thus quick spare parts replacement

These product advantages result in the following specific benefits for you:

  • Optimized product quality
  • Higher productivity
  • Reduced production costs

In focus: the customer benefit

To meet your individual needs, we have grouped our products and services according to specific customer benefits. Below you will find further products that meet the same requirements as the above mentioned:

QualityIncrease in productivity

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