Glue kitchens

Glue kitchens from Siempelkamp
For optimized dosing

In order to prepare and dose glue and other recipes as accurately as possible, we rely on quality and technological know-how in our glue kitchens.

Brief profile
High-quality technology for efficient glueing

Glue kitchens are equipped with 2-component nozzles “made in Germany”. Compared to conventional 1-component nozzles, a much finer spray pattern and reduced material usage are achieved. Each unit is completely pre-assembled, electrically wired and tested by us. The advantage: they are installed and commissioned very quickly.

Features of the glue kitchens

  • Dosing systems for different volumes and components
  • Continuous measurement method thanks to flow meters and verification by continuous level metering of the dosing bins
  • Dosing tanks for each component equipped with pressure-controlled level regulation
  • Innovative software
  • Pressure equalizer with automatic shut-off

Product advantages and customer benefits
Best cost-benefit ratio

  • High dosing accuracy
  • Higher technical flexibility
  • Less material- and maintenance costs
  • High performance and long service life
  • Standardized components and thus quick spare parts replacement

These product advantages result in the following specific benefits for you:

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