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for systems that function to the optimum

For retrofits and modernizations of Küsters or ContiPress® systems, Siempelkamp is the right partner. Only Siempelkamp has the know-how and technology to improve the performance of these lines. Higher productivity at optimized material use and fewer unscheduled shutdowns describe our service concept.

Modification concepts
Examples of modernization packages

Our services:

  • Installation of control rollers, guiding plates, belt position measurement units, centering disks and bars as well as the necessary software

The benefits for you:

  • Optimized belt positioning at the press infeed
  • Improved control of steel belt and roller chain carpet inside the press
  • Simple production changes for size adjustments in thickness and width
  • Minimized power consumption at production start

Our services:

  • Replacement of 1-fold chain with newly developed Duroflex 110 and Duroflex 550

The benefits for your plant:

  • Width adjustment up to 610 mm
  • Minimized chain breakage
  • Increased breaking strength due to use of new material and different heat treatment

Our services:

  • Extension of Contipress® towards the outfeed or infeed
  • Extension with or without cooling zone

The benefits for you:

  • Increased production
  • Optimized production costs

Customer benefits
Your advantages

These product advantages result in the following concrete benefits for you:

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Further information

Spare parts service for Küsters und ContiPress®
As we have all original drawings and specifications at our disposal, we deliver all components in OEM-quality: original spare and wear parts such as hot platens, special roller chains, insulations, cylinders, etc.
You can find more information in the flyer linked below:

Flyer: Siempelkamp Expertise for Küsters- & ContiPress® Systems

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