Cooling and stacking line

Various upgrades
for an optimally running finishing line

In order to bring the finishing line up to the latest state of the art, we offer a number of needs-based conversion packages for the cooling and stacking line.

Our services:

  •     Various customer-specific conversions
  •     Capacity increases
  •     Replacement of existing machines
  •     Retrofits and additional functionalities

Modernization packages
Scope, product advantages ans customer benefits

  • Laser system for scanning the plate edge
  • Individually adjustable
  • Software customization
  • Material savings
  • increased safety
  • Adaption of the saws to higher press speeds
  • Short installation time
  • Removal of the lab cut at a speed of up to 1500 mm/s instead of the usual 600 mm/s

Fully automatic measuring system that captures and processes each edge of the board during production in the form of width-, linear- and diagonal dimensions

  • Improved quality assurance and plant safety
  • No manual measurement errors
  • Immediate correction of the saw if necessary
  • Reduced material consumption and amount of waste
  • Easy and quick retrofitting with no additional space required

further information: Product page SicoCam

  • Modernization or renewal to adapt them to changing production requirements, for example with regard to waste avoidance
  • Electrical upgrade for noticeably shortened cycle time of the turners, so that shorter boards can also be cooled at higher speeds
  • Mechanical upgrades to form books of panels prior to the cooling turner for high speed cooling of panels and increased cooling capacity
  • Various options for the stacking section, for example modifications such as laser distance measurement for the gripper carriage or intelligent frequency converters to reduce wear and ensure availability, to increase production speed or allow new board sizes
  • Implementation of modern programmable logic controllers with the shortest possible conversion times
  • Also applicable to all subsequent areas up to the packing line

These product advantages result in these specific benefits for you:

Success Story

Success Story: Cooling turner for SWISS KRONO TEX

Further information

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