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Siempelkamp’s MES & Industrial IT Department now belongs to SLS

The MES & Industrial IT department of Siempelkamp Maschinen- und Anlagenbau GmbH has been integrated into SLS since January 1, 2018. Your advantages: Bundling of Siempelkamp competencies and further expanded service with the same contact persons as before.

Prod-IQ®: Higher profitability by intelligent control technology

Improved cost transparency, less ressources, increased plant availability

Connected to an ERP system, Prod-IQ® covers the areas of production management, quality assurance, servicing and maintenance.

It is based on a wide range of modules which have been developed in close collaboration with users in the wood industry. The benefits are diverse, ranging from improved cost transparency and resource savings to increased plant availability and reduced production costs.

Prod-IQ® is a modern tool which enables improvements in productivity to be achieved systematically. This safeguards the market position of the operating company and offers flexibility for future investments.

Customer benefits

  • All consumption and performance data available for performance analyses
  • Reproducible product quality
  • Automated implementation of company-wide standards
  • Integration into existing plants possible
  • Increased productivity
  • Material savings
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Increased plant speed
  • Reduction of scrap

The Prod-IQ® modules at a glance

Prod-IQ.basics features basic modules for generating reliable and actual management information (availability, performance, consumption, quality) as well as process documentation (material flow tracking). features modules for adjustment of standard reports related to customers specification incl. script-editor, additional licenses for two office workplaces and OEE evaluation.

Prod-IQ.quality is a comprehensive system for the online quality forecasting of critical board parameters such as internal bond, bending strength, thickness swelling, and surface soundness. This permits savings on material of more than 2.5% to be achieved, with no loss of quality.

Prod-IQ.maintenance includes functions to enable preventive maintenance on machinery and plants. This reduces servicing and maintenance costs and increases plant availability at the same time.

Further informationen

Prod-IQ® – Production Intelligence

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Siempelkamp-Bulletin “Prod-IQ® successfully in use: The solution for multiple objectives”

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