Use process data efficiently

Secure production thanks to fast trending

With DAHMOS (Data Acquisition Handling and Monitoring System) we offer plant operators the opportunity to register malfunctions in the process immediately, and identify their causes and effects.

The principle: The Windows based and modular software collects process data from the plant controllers via OPC servers, and evaluates it. The results are presented in a quick graphic trend.

The big plus point: Via the trigger functions of DAHMOS, the data recording can be started depending on self-determined parameters. This means that plant operators can record precisely defined plants situations and analyse them. Via the DAHMOS data management with import and export function, the process data collected can also be evaluated on separate computers, e.g. in the laboratory. Overall, the secure process management and therefore optimised sequences, guarantees less plant downtime and a prompt ROI.


You benefit from

  • Target oriented process analysis (snapshots and long term observations)
  • Flexibly configurable trigger function via freely selectable parameters
  • Highest performance thanks to a variety of recording methods (in trending mode 8,000 Byte and/or 2.000 TAGs / s, in analysis mode up to 100 Byte and/or 48 TAGs / 10 ms)
  • Secure process management thanks to simple handling
  • Accurate support thanks to simple exchangeable data between operator and manufacturer of the plant
  • OPC interface for collection of data from a variety of controller and plant manufacturers
  • Availability as software or complete package with software and hardware

Training and support

The MES-team is available for training sessions and support in dealing with DAHMOS. Simply talk to us about it if required.

Further information

DAHMOS – Process Data Management

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