Highly efficient glueing for optimal end products

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State-of-the-art technology for glueing

Glueing is one of the plant compontents which has significant impact on production costs and product quality. Siempelkamp’s solution: high-performance glueing systems for processing of glue and chemicals, their dosage and application.

Manufacturing of the glueing components

Two systems for optimized use of glue

This solution covers the Siempelkamp glue kitchens and the future-oriented Ecoresinator system for MDF. While the glue kitchens ensure the best possible dosing of all glue components, the Ecoresinator permanently reduces operating costs by substantial savings in glue. With these systems you can meet the demands of consumers as well as rising material costs and master the competitive situation.

Modification concepts

Siempelkamp glue kitchens: optimized dosing systems

In addition to exact dosing of glue and other formulas, our glue kitchens convince with the following advantages:

  • Pre-assembled and tested units, therefore short installation- and commissioning time
  • Long service life and high availability due to high-quality components (stainless steel)
  • Standardized components, fast replacement guaranteed

Ecoresinator: best cost-value ratio for MDF

Our Ecoresinator not only reduces material input in your plant, but also increases its technological flexibility. The advantages at a glance:

  • Up to 15% glue savings
  • Assembly and commissioning including pre-tests within the shortest possible time
  • Minimum downtimes during the modification phase
  • Low maintenance and high availability

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Siempelkamp-Bulletin “Siempelkamp’s initiative ‘Intelligent Production’ will pay off”

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