Service 4.0
Promoting progress

With these new developments, we are making plants fit for the future

Optimized production, more efficiency, higher plant availability – this is ensured by the current Siempelkamp developments, which can be integrated into existing plants either as part of modernizations resp. modifications or as standalone solutions.

Service 4.0 as an answer to Industry 4.0

Markets and technologies are in a state of change, digital transformation is in full swing – keyword Industry 4.0. As a result, what is required of developers and service providers as we are is constantly changing.

Our goal: Not only to respond to this progress, but also to actively promote it for the benefit of our customers, towards a Service 4.0. We achieve this in several ways: firstly, thanks to our own concepts developed to continuously improve our service, secondly, with the answers to the requirements of customers and projects and then, of course, with the innovations standing for best “German Engineering” as Siempelkamp technologies. Selected examples can be found here.

Sico Master Gauge

For less waste boards and higher production quality

A new measurement frame, which is fixed onto the foundation embraces the upper and the lower heating platens of the ContiRoll®, at the master system in the calibration zone. The linear transducer (top and bottom) are connected to the measurement frame and measure the exact heating platen position.

  • Simultaneous measurement of the top and bottom heating plate position
  • Permanent detection of the exact press gap
  • Reduction of waste boards
  • Consistent high production quality and capacity


For optimized press line and reliable production quality

Fully automatic system for inline board measurement


  • Saving material and energy
  • Safety at Work
  • Highest board precision
  • Permanent quality assurance


For the maximum availability of your plant

Remote system for an immediate, swift and secure analysis of the plant’s state


  • Secure connection via VPN
  • Plant access exclusively after service request by the operator
  • Access only to previously released plant components
  • Automatic documentation of the service
  • User-friendly handling

Sico PMS & Sico SPC G9

Control over production at all times

Sico PMS: Performance monitoring system for efficient maintenance management, machine condition monitoring and preventive maintenance

Advantages of Sico PMS:

  • Clear visualization
  • Compatible with any sensor technology, can be easily retrofitted in all plants
  • Can be tailored to individual needs and is extendable to meet future tasks

Sico SPC: intelligent pressure/position control system for controlling the desired press forces and distances in the technological press zones of the ContiRoll®

Advantages of Sico SPC G9:

  • State-of-the art hardware technology
  • Outstanding computing power
  • Replaces first and second generation SPC systems in the course of upgrades of existing plants without any problems


For an optimum production monitoring

System for measuring of various production parameters such as mat moisture/weight or board thickness and continuous optimization of the production process


  • Can be fully integrated into existing systems
  • Reliable and uniform data
  • Increased plant availability
  • Higher profitability

EcoScan NEO

For precise measurement of weight per unit area and tramp material detection

Clear, multidimensional visualization able to localize forming errors and tramp material in the mat, for detecting process-caused faulty mat sections containing density deviations and to detect even the smallest tramp material (1.6 mm)


  • Fast absorption measurement method
  • Detection of smallest variations in weight per unit area
  • Most effective protection of downstream press components (e.g. steel belt protection)


Intelligent technology for a transparent and safe production process

Modularly designed data management system for systematic increase of productivity


  • Optimized material consumption, less waste, lower production costs
  • Consistent product quality
  • Faster provision of all necessary data at all the right places
  • Increase of plant availability, reduction of production costs


For a continuously fast production of wood-based panels

High-performance roller rod chain with clearly defined mechanical properties, developed with regard to modern mechatronic monitoring options for reliable performance monitoring


  • Extension of breaking load by 30% and of fatigue strength by 40%
  • Good retrofitting capability; 1:1 interchangeable with predecessor chain HO-40
  • Ensuring a continuously fast production of wood-based panels

ContiRoll EcoDrive

Reliable drive technology with high savings potential

Energy-efficient servo motor with two-stage gear unit and integrated water cooling, which offers a significantly increased service life and -reliability compared to conventional drive concepts with complex gear box geometry


  • Best efficiency with up to 14% energy savings (partial-load operation)
  • Wear not relevant due to low rotation, very low risk of failure
  • Low modification costs
  • Fast ROI


For optimized mat forming

Component for improving the forming accuracy in the area of the surface layer mat formers in particleboard plants


  • Better mat forming in longitudinal and transverse direction
  • Reduced production costs due to optimal use of wood, glue, electrical and thermal energy


For less glue consumption and more profitable production

Glue/fibre blending system with convincing advantages: significant material savings, low operating costs, technological flexibility


  • Up to 15% less glue consumption
  • Precise metering of the glue mix by an intelligent control
  • Reduced production costs
  • No downtime, since a cleaning automatism is integrated
  • Low investment costs, as the upstream and downstream equipment do not require modification


Effective mat preheating

Mat preheating system, that injects up to 750 kg/h of saturated steam with a temperature ranging between 100 and 130 °C into each side of the mat, directly heating up the surface layers

Customer benefits:

  • Increased production capacity by 10 to 20%
  • Energy savings due to reduced pressing pressure
  • Material savings
  • Can be retrofitted in existing plants with ContiRoll® presses of all generations due to compact design

Technical novelties “made by Siempelkamp”

The Siempelkamp benchmark: “Leadership in Technology”

Taking this high standard into account, the experts for machine and plant construction continuously ensure even more performance and sustainability of your plant. The following overview shows you which new technologies are also available for this purpose.

The next level of high-speed production: a newly developed press infeed, state-of-the-art drive and instrumentation technology, simulation and process control technology as well as new processes for mat pre-heating and the finishing line have elevated the ContiRoll® to new heights.

Further information on the Contiroll® Generation 9 & 9 NEO

The EcoPulser uses a completely new almost wear-free, bladeless process to achieve an additional size reduction of chips and particles. In addition, the innovative disintegration method ensures excellent energy efficiency and offers enormous energy-saving potentials.

Further information on the EcoPulser   

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