ContiRoll Ecodrive
Efficient drive technology

Constant drive power with optimum running characteristics

The energy-efficient servomotor with two-stage gearbox has been demonstrating how reliable it is in production operations for two years. The ContiRoll Ecodrive system enables energy savings of at least 7% during full-load operations and up to 14% during partial-load operations – with the very best of efficiencies. The consistently high torque across the entire range of production speeds of up to 2,500 millimetres per second is achieved with the help of the permanently excited synchronous motor.

Drive system with considerably increased reliability

The fact that the synchronous motor normally runs at a low number of revolutions even when production speeds are high means that wear on bearings and gears becomes insignificant and the fact that a two-stage gearbox has been used means that there is a very low probability of system failure. The ContiRoll Ecodrive design that uses a two-stage gearbox increases service life and dependability several times over compared with conventional drive concepts that employ complex gearbox geometries. A water cooler for cooling the drive has also been integrated into the ContiRoll Ecodrive to prevent the negative effects that are associated with the used air that has been contaminated with dust for cooling.

The ContiRoll Ecodrive system is a best choice to be retrofitted in existing plants, the cost frame is comparable to that of conventional four-motor drive solutions. Conversion to Siempelkamp’s new drive concept does not require complex modifications. Retrofitting would allow production to be quickly commenced at a constant drive power with optimum and uniform running characteristics – and to achieve considerable energy savings for a rapid return on investment and a long operational future.

Customer benefits at a glance

  • Compliance with the requirements of energy efficiency
  • High availability
  • Virtually maintenance-free motor
  • Reduced downtime for maintenance
  • High efficient combination with two-stage gearbox
  • Simple motor control
  • Long service life
  • Simple spare part stocking
  • Lower energy costs
  • Direct adaptation into existing plants

Further information

ContiRoll Ecodrive: efficient drive technology

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