Sico Master Gauge for ContiRoll®

Less waste boards and higher production quality

The starting position: The actual press gap measurement system is influenced by temperature changes and different pressing forces, because the linear transducers for the measurement are connected to the ContiRoll® press frames. The press frames are naturally bended within the production process under load. This bending must be compensated with correction factors, in order to manufacture the correct board thickness.

The solution: A new measurement frame, which is fixed onto the foundation embraces the upper and the lower heating platens of the ContiRoll®, at the master system in the calibration zone. The linear transducer (top and bottom) are connected to the measurement frame and measure the exact heating platen position.

Your benefits

  • Simultaneous measurement of the top and bottom heating plate position
  • Permanent detection of the exact press gap
  • Independent from pressure or temperature influences to press frames
  • Minimizing of thickness deviations especially at production start or thickness changes
  • Reduction of waste boards
  • Consistent high production quality and capacity

Scope of supply

  • Measurement frame with linear transducers top and bottom incl. all fixing material and accessories
  • Implementation into the existing electrical control system
  • Transport, installation and start up

Further information

Sico Master Gauge: product presentation

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