Modernization packages for short-cycle presses

Aftersales service with no compromises

Our modernization measures in the area of short-cycle press lines result in a further improved surface quality of the laminated panels. Whether press frames without weld-ons or cylinders that are equipped with a guide and sealing system, with Siempelkamp after-sales service measures, customers extend the lifetime of their equipment and increase product quality.

Examples of modernization packages

Short-cycle press frames without weld-ons

Our services:

  • Same bolt attachments as in ContiRoll® technology

The benefits for you:

  • Higher lifespan of equipment
  • Smooth press operation through pre-stressed tie rods
  • Short installation times

Cylinders with guide and sealing system

Our services:

  • Guide and sealing system made of modern plastic materials

The benefits for your plant:

  • Maintenance-friendly installation
  • Minimized piston wear
  • Longer life cycle compared to old design
  • Optimized guiding systems

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