HOMBAK cutter heads

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Reliable production of the best flakes from logs, slabs and edgings

The single-stage, professional cutting technology with the HOMBAK flaker marks the beginning of the process for the cost-efficient production of particle boards. The quality of the flakes determines the quality of the board. This is why HOMBAK cutter heads are designed and produced in line with current technical standards.

Decades of experience mean that we are able to offer our customers individualized solutions for their flaking tasks.

The benefits of HOMBAK cutter heads – an overview

  • Defined knife projection for the tightest thickness tolerances, even for thin flakes of 0.25 mm
  • A special matrix renders the surface of the cutter head resistant to wear, even when subject to impact and foreign bodies
  • Hard faced with special powder of the knife holders and wearing parts
  • Supply of knife holders, clamping wedges and wearing parts even after many years of service
  • Various knife systems and flake lengths, even for unusual applications
  • Dust-proof spring assemblies

Complete overhaul of the HOMBAK cutter heads

If required, our expert personnel will overhaul worn cutter heads so that the components used in flaking are as good as new and include a warranty on wear and tear.

As a matter of course, we are available to help you with all other issues concerning optimization of the flaking process.

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Info brochure “Universal Drum-Flaker Type HMU”

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