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Our demand on our spare parts service: to deliver customer orders from the warehouse within one day, if possible, so that the replacement can reach the customer as quickly as possible. The logistics chain itself, which is kept short by its proximity to the motorway and the international hub Frankfurt Airport, also contributes to this. In conjunction with the “Known Consignor” certificate, which applies to the new hall in Bad Kreuznach, spare parts reach their destination by air freight as quickly as possible, without further external controls.

We are certified “Known Consignor”
Secure consignment guaranteed

Since the end of November 2012, Siempelkamp Logistics & Service has been one of the companies with the certificate “Known Consignor”. This certification, awarded by the German Federal Aviation Office in conjunction with an audit, primarily means one thing: SLS provides you with spare parts via the fastest route. Whereas air freight consignments have had to be inspected by appropriate offices at airports or on the premises of freight forwarding agents since 2013, as a “Known Consignor” we carry out this inspection on our own premises. In other words, freight leaves our warehouse as secure cargo.

“We gladly accepted the certification efforts to provide our customers with the high standard of service they are accustomed to.”

Sascha Welpe, Air freight security officer

Benefits of the certificate

  • Adherence to strict security regulations in Bad Kreuznach, e.g. restricted areas for the freight and intensive training of our employees
  • No need for x-ray inspection of the freight and manual inspections where the spare parts could be damaged by opening the packaging.
  • No delay in delivery due to external inspections
  • No additional costs

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