ContiRoll® Service Package 04: Overhaul of cylinders

ContiRoll® cylinders
Inspection and overhaul

To guarantee continuous production and safety of the plant, it is necessary to regularly perform inspections and overhaul all cylinders of a ContiRoll® press.

Working cylinders
For a safe plant

Worn seals lead to the loss of hydraulic oil and pose a serious threat to the plant. At particular risk are the infeed cylinders in the area of frames 1 to 5, because this is where the temperature and pressure are greatest.

Properly performed maintenance prevents

  • Increased oil consumption
  • High fire risk
  • Dirt may get into the oil, thus contaminating it and blocking the valves

Customer benefits
Advantages of this package

As a plant manufacturer, Siempelkamp offers its customers a complete package, consisting of:

  • Parts supply
  • Supervision of installation by experienced Siempelkamp service specialists
  • The option of an installation team from our partner company to perform the work if it cannot be performed by the customer’s own personnel

Content of Service Package 04

  • If required: pre-inspection to determine the condition of the equipment and to define the volume of work and the spare parts needed
  • Individual planning of personnel and resources
  • Supply of all necessary spare parts in OEM quality
  • Coordination and supervision of the work on site
    • Dismantling of the press cylinders incl. pistons (in succession for each frame unit)
    • Installation of new sealing collars
    • Reassembly of the press cylinders
    • Inspection of the mechanical press function on recommissioning
    • Combination of the work with other service activities (renewal of piston insulation
    • Flushing of the entire hydraulic system
    • Recommendation: frames 1 to 5 always in combination with new insulation
  • Dates and personnel demand will be specified individually
  • The time required to overhaul the cylinders varies according to the scope of the work as well as the size and model generation of the press
  • Sample duration of service operation: approx. 5 days for the area from frames 1 and 5, approx. 4 days for each additional 10 metres, 2 shifts per day with approx. 8 persons (1 supervisor, 1 foreman, 6 industrial mechanics) per shift (of 10 h)

After the time schedule and the personnel demand have been defined, a fixed price will be agreed, including all expenses and costs for travel and accommodation.

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ContiRoll® Service Package 04: Overhaul of cylinders

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