High performance roller rod chains –
for production at top speed

The High Performance Chain HPC-40 is a roller rod chain which complies with today’s requirements of highest production speeds of a ContiRoll® associated with frequent product changes. Process conditions, which are most discerning with respect to the material used. In collaboration with Regina Chain, Siempelkamp has developed the high-performance chain HPC-40 which offers a reliable and permanent performance under all process conditions.

Brief profile
Features of the HPC-40

HPC-40 is a roller rod chain with clearly defined characteristics developed with regard to modern mechatronic monitoring systems – created to enable reliable performance monitoring. Modern, computer-aided, reproducible manufacturing processes enable a more precise assembly of the individual components thus extending their service lives significantly. Sensors monitor the wear thus contributing to an extended overall service life od HPC-40. With the new HPC-40 roller rod chain, in the future nothing will stand in the way of continuously high-speed production of wood-based panels – HPC-40 helps fully utilise the features and functions of a modern ContiRoll®.

The HPC-40

Product advantages and customer benefits
Extended breaking load and fatigue strength

  • 30% increase in breaking load
  • 40% more fatigue strength
  • no stress fatigue
  • easy to retrofit in existing plants

These product advantages result in the following specific benefit for you:

HPC-40 opposite standard chain HO-40

Dynamic load capacity
HO-40 HPC-40
Top load FO: 35 kN 45 kN
Average FM: 27 kN 32 kN
Low load FU: 19 kN 19 kN
Double amplitude FO–FU: 16 kN 26 kN

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Product presentation: HPC-40

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