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Speed of provision and delivery: the premise in the spare parts business and daily requirement for our spare parts specialists.

The demands on us and our answer: more than just spare parts service

Every year our customers request 20.000 different spare parts. 20.000 parts in a total of around 1.800 supported plants in the wood-based products industry and other industries with presses for metal, fiber, cement, laminate and rubber with hundreds of thousands of individual parts and locations around the globe. The oldest of these have been in operation since the 1960s.

The demand for spare parts is constantly changing. About half of the 20.000 parts requested per year does not correspond to the requirements of the previous year, but must be available just as quickly - no matter whether washer, seal set, Siemens control system or complete hot-platen. And even if the parts are still to be identified or produced according to original drawings, fast support is usually required.

In order to meet our high quality standards under these conditions, we pursue a multi-track strategy: we are continuously working on our own performance and the logistic infrastructure. And we also offer a constantly growing range of supplementary services with which plant operators can invest in a successful future.

Our services in the field of spare parts

Advice, offers and services

Find out here which range of services our spare parts service covers and which logistical and economic advantages this offers:

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