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A milestone for us: our modern Service and Logistics Center in Bad Kreuznach. Specially built for the spare parts service, it guarantees a high availability of spare parts and fast delivery to our customers worldwide. In addition to the large capacity, our certification as a “Known Consignor”, which applies to this new building, also contributes to this.

The Service & Logistics Center of SLS in Bad Kreuznach

“The new logistics hall is of enormous importance for our customers, they now benefit from even higher performance," said SLS Managing Director Stefan Wissing on the occasion of the completion of the hall in 2017, “it provides, for example, a sufficiently dimensioned floor block storage, even for large parts – if required we can use a crane with a loading capacity of more than 30 t here. Furthermore it has a flexibly equipped pallet rack whereby small parts are managed via special lift systems.”

The large capacity of the hall provides yet another advantage for our customers: it enables us to make the best possible use of efficient purchasing strategies. Thus we are able to offer standard parts at fair market prices. In addition our customers can purchase complete product groups from us, which reduces the number of their suppliers. A significant advantage in global competition.

Intelligent IT as part of the overall SLS strategy

Our IT Department also contributes to the supply of spare parts: spare parts are considered standard spare parts, if they are delivered more than three times within 24 months. Our modern IT infrastructure makes it possible to automatically identify and then store these parts accordingly. Thus our stock is permanently and flexibly adjusted to your actual requirements.

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