Spare parts service for machinery- and plant components
Identification & distribution

The SLS-spare parts service at a glance

We supply spare parts for machines and components for the wood-based products industry (Siempelkamp, Bison, Küsters, Siempelkamp Handling Systems, HOMBAK etc.), for metal forming presses, rubber presses, laminate presses (HPL), cement fiber presses and gypsum fiber presses.

Our new logistics center in Bad Kreuznach

Our spare parts service covers all of the following:

  • Drive technology
  • Linear transfer technology
  • Sealing technology
  • Hydraulic systems
  • Pneumatic systems
  • Electronic systems
  • Components manufactured according to original drawings

Not a single component leaves without close examination

To ensure that in every case the right parts are delivered our spare parts service checks every single inquiry in detail. As a Siempelkamp subsidiary we know best what is installed in Siempelkamp plants, so we can react appropriately and precisely. Another advantage: We have the technicians directly on the premises. This enables us to adapt all parts directly to the existing system – even those that do not correspond 1:1 to what is required.

Use the links below to go directly to the relevant SLS spare parts experts:

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