24/7 Remote Service from SLS: swift and secure

For the maximum availability of your plant

If a plant has failed or if production is disrupted or can be optimized, then reliable support is required. On the one hand, this support has to focus on the cost-effectiveness of the plant while, on the other, it also has to comply with the high security requirements for remote maintenance processes. Our solution: a remote system developed especially for industrial use. This enables us to analyse the state of the plant immediately, swiftly and above all securely.

The facts at a glance

Only after prior legitimation by the plant operator will the plant be connected via Internet and a service router to the central remote server of Siempelkamp. You, the plant operator, can constantly monitor all activities that take place during the course of a remote maintenance session. In addition, the entire service operation is documented automatically.

Our remote service is available for ContiRoll® plants and can also be retrofitted to existing plants. You can therefore conclude a contractual agreement with us when purchasing the plant or of course at any subsequent time in the future.

Range of services

  • Remote plant maintenance
  • Plant optimization
  • Troubleshooting
  • 24/7 service in the event of plant failure

Your benefits

  • Secure connection via VPN
  • Plant access exclusively after service request by the operator
  • Access only to previously released plant components
  • Automatic documentation of the service
  • User-friendly handling

Technical implementation

Maximum security and convenient application

In matters of remote service, SLS relies on an internationally established system that has been specially developed for the stringent requirements governing remote maintenance systems in an industrial setting.

The key features:

  • Uniform solution for all cases of remote maintenance
  • Password-protected authentication procedure
  • Each remote maintenance session is always established for an IP and a port
  • Password security guaranteed by password policy
  • Access exclusively limited to a previously authorized remote maintenance object
  • Detection of attacks via failed authentication attempts
  • Secure protocols via SSH, IPsec and SSL/TLS
  • Monitoring of all remote maintenance operations by the plant operator
  • Secure cryptographic procedure through complex encryption  
  • Audit-compliant documentation
  • Authentication via user roles concept
  • High scalability through central management

Further information

Information brochure on 24/7 Remote Service

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Tel. +49 2151 92-4773

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