ContiRoll® Service Package 02
Replacement of insulation on a ContiRoll® press

For constant product quality and output level

During the service life of a press, the insulations shrink and delaminate. They should therefore be regularly inspected. In order to guarantee constant product quality and output level, it is essential to properly replace any worn piston and frame insulations on a ContiRoll® press.

Non-performance of maintenance

The consequences:

  • Displacements of steel belts and chains
  • Reduced product quality
  • Lower production capacity

Our Service

This Service Package includes

  1. If required: pre-inspection to determine the condition of the equipment and to define the volume of work and the spare parts needed
  2. Individual planning of personnel and resources
  3. Supply of all necessary spare parts in OEM quality
  4. Coordination and supervision of the work on site
    + Raising of the hot plate
    + Replacement of the frame insulation incl. refastening of the lower anchor point
    + Replacement of all piston insulators
    + Inspection of the mechanical press function on recommissioning
    + Frame and piston insulators can also be replaced separately if required
    + If necessary, the work can be combined with other service tasks (cylinder overhaul)

Time schedule and personnel demand

  1. Dates and personnel demand will be specified individually
  2. The time required to replace the insulators varies according to the scope of the work as well as the size and model generation of the press
  3. Sample duration of service operation for a ContiRoll® of 30 m in length: approx. 12 days for replacing piston insulators and approx. 3 days for changing the frame insulators, 2 shifts per day with approx. 8 persons (1 supervisor, 1 foreman, 6 industrial mechanics) per shift (of 10 h)


After the time schedule and the personnel demand have been defined, a fixed price will be agreed, including all expenses and costs for travel and accommodation. All additional work carried out will be invoiced according to time and materials.

Your benefits

As a plant manufacturer, Siempelkamp offers its customers a complete package, consisting of:

  • Parts supply
  • Supervision of installation by experienced Siempelkamp service specialists
  • The option of an installation team from our partner company to perform the work if it cannot be performed by the customer’s own personnel

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