Customer Survey 2019
We are heading in the right direction

Our customers are satisfied
“Satisfied” is not enough for us and we are working on it

What is going well, what are we doing right, where can we optimize, what is required? Direct customer feedback provides the best answers to these important questions for every company. That's why we launched another survey in 2019 to which we invited all our customers worldwide. The feedback that has now been evaluated shows a gratifying result for our team: Our customers are largely satisfied to very satisfied with our services, for example

  • 83% with the know-how of our technicians
  • 84% with our advice on the subject of spare parts
  • 86% with the correctness of our spare part deliveries
  • 91% with the quality of our components

“Satisfied as it is” - as a customer from Italy put it, gratifyingly reflects the general trend in the survey results.

Online-platform ServiceNet
Takes our service to the next level

The survey also made clear how relevant digitalization is: 75% of respondents attach a lot of importance to it for their company. This is confirmed by our Service 4.0 concept with which we prepare machines and systems for tomorrow's challenges with innovative products and services.

It also shows how important our digitalization strategy is, especially for our spare parts service. A significant point here is speed in the spare parts service throughout the entire process chain starting with the identification of the required spare parts. Here, too, digitalization is the way to go. This is why we are developing a digital platform called ServiceNet. The ServiceNet gives our customers access to Siempelkamp Lifecycle Services which accompany plants throughout their entire life cycle. One of these applications is the online spare parts catalogue which can be used to quickly identify spare parts. Another application will be the online availability of the entire plant documentation. There the spare parts are displayed very clearly using 3D-drawings, a plant structure tree and assembly-related parts lists. The online spare parts catalogue will also be available for existing plants.

Valuable impulses gained
for more service optimization

In addition to statements on satisfaction with our service quality the survey also made it possible to prioritize the various objectives of modification measures. This provides us with important clues as to where we need to focus in order to meet our customers' expectations. And it is not just in this area that the survey helps us forward: we will use your statements and suggestions for improvement to further optimize our service as a whole. This is where the experience we have gained with our Service & Logistics Center comes into play. On this basis we ensure even better availability and faster delivery times.

We would like to thank all participants for their time and suggestions which they gave us with their feedback.

Example of optimization
Management of customer stock

To give one concrete example: We offer our customers the opportunity to determine the most production-critical parts for them. This allows them to stock these parts preventively. Thus, they can access them directly if required. Are you interested in such a customized solution to ensure smooth production? Then let us talk about the critical parts of your plant and create the optimal concept for you. You can find your contact persons here:

More information about storage and management of customer stock