SLS Events

Sports sponsorship
Equipment for Cimy

Our group of companies is known for its commitment to sports. We recently proved this once again by sponsoring part of the equipment for Cimy, the horse of 15-year-old rider Sophia. Sophia and Cimy participate in tournaments in North Rhine-Westphalia and the Netherlands. We wish the young team continued joy and success in their great passion.

Photo: Leonie Minten

Barbecue in Krefeld
Successful day and a lot of team spirit

The employee barbecue at the Krefeld site was a complete success! In bright sunshine and summer temperatures, those present enjoyed a lovely afternoon with hearty barbecue dishes, refreshing drinks and a great atmosphere. A perfect opportunity to meet away from the daily work routine and to additionally promote team spirit and exchange. A successful day all around, which brought the employees closer together and created lasting memories.

2,247 bike kilometers in 3 weeks

In this year's “STADTRADELN Bad Kreuznach” competition, our team actively and successfully participated with nine enthusiastic cyclists. The aim of the Germany-wide campaign initiated by Netzwerk Klima-Bündnis is to cycle as many kilometers as possible together. Primarily to reduce CO₂ emissions and contribute to climate protection, but also to strengthen the cycling infrastructure.

In the campaign period from June 25 to July 15, we thus managed to cover 2,247 km and achieved a successful 18th place in the ranking. In total, more than 900 cyclists in 60 teams from Bad Kreuznach companies and institutions were at the start for the environment and also for their own health. The good weather during these three weeks contributed to the fact that many kilometers could be collected on two wheels - all in all more than 195,000 km in Bad Kreuznach.

For 2024, we hope for even more participants from the SLS workforce: for the team, their own health and the environment!

We have it going on

A strong team feeling means pursuing a goal together. This applies to small, individual tasks, but also on a large scale, for example, when it comes to what can be achieved with the company. And when a suitable opportunity arises, this also applies to events. One example: the 2022 company run in Bad Kreuznach. After the cancellations in the last two years, we were very pleased to be able to compete again with our own team. On the 5 km course, the aim was not to be as fast as possible, but to be there.