Plant availability

Highest planning reliability
through optimized availability

The higher the availability, the more efficiently the plant produces. We can increase this key figure through various measures, such as the use of low-maintenance components or technologies that optimize the maintenance effort.

Solutions for higher plant availability

With the following SLS products plant downtimes can be avoided or be recorded and analyzed faster:

  • Intelligent system with state-of-the-art hardware technology as a basis for higher speeds
  • Product page SPC G9
  • Short-cycle press frames without weld-ons: Same bolt attachments as in ContiRoll® technology
  • Cylinders with guide and sealing system: Guide and sealing system made of modern plastic materials
  • Product page Short-cycle presses
  • Double cross-cut saw: Replacement of all specified mechanical wear parts
  • Double cross-cut saw 20° and 30°: Guarantee of spare parts and technical support
  • Product page Finishing lines
  • Wear and failure-reducing system

Success Stories

Electrical upgrade for EGGERPLC-UpgradeElectrical modernization for WeyerhaeuserEcoresinator for AraucoElectrical upgrade

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