Comprehensive service for Finsa

“Servicio integral”
for a Siempelkamp customer by tradition

For Finsa, a leading European company in the wood-based materials sector, we carried out extensive modernizations in recent years. The company headquartered in Santiago de Compostela and a Siempelkamp customer for decades produces wood-based panel-type materials on our plants. The scope ranges from particle board to MDF to surface coating, special products such as superPan, a Finsa-specific product consisting of a particle board core layer and an MDF surface layer, to further processing of finished boards.

Complete retrofit
More system capacity, reliable production

In 2017/18 we upgraded the forming and press line of the Finsa plant in Santiago de Compostela to the latest state of the art as part of a retrofit that took several weeks.

The retrofit concept and the result

  • Extension of the ContiRoll® by 10 m
  • Modification to rigid chain guide
  • Assembly of four new matformers with EcoFormers for surface layers
  • Modernization of existing drive technology to Sinamics/Simotion
  • Assembly of belt tracking units according to state of the art

Result of complete retrofit:

  • Increased capacity
  • Higher forming accuracy
  • Reliable plant availability

Retrofit in fast motion

Finsa retrofit (Video 1)

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Finsa retrofit (Video 2)

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Relocation of plant over 700 km
Plant upgrade due to increasing demand

Our assignment in 2015: in addition to the retrofit of the existing plant also its relocation to a modern operating facility 700 km away in Portugal.

The retrofit concept and the result

  • Coordination of the cross-border relocation
  • Extension of the ContiRoll® by 6.6 m
  • Additional ventilation zone for improved pre-sealing of the MDF surface layers
  • Modernization of the chain guides, belt tracking cages and deflection rollers
  • Supply of spare and wearing parts
  • Modifications in connection with the cooling and stacking lines
  • Replacement of the control unit of double diagonal saw and thrust bearing regulating system
  • Installation of modern visualization
  • Overhauling the press hot platens: Manual cleaning, optical inspection, repair and optimization at SLS in Krefeld, followed by shipping to Portugal

The result:

  • Increase in plant capacity to 1,200 m3 of particle board or superPan per day
  • Ensuring cost-effective and competitive production

Retrofit in pictures

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