Material savings, consistently high product quality

Expenditure and benefit
in optimal balance after modification

For a long-standing Siempelkamp customer our modification specialists carried out the modernization of an MDF-plant (7’ x 38.5 m) from 1998. Up to the modernization the MDF-plant had a daily board capacity of approx. 800 m3. The boards were finished by Siempelkamp short-cycle presses and processed to laminate flooring foremost.

Excellent cooperation
as monetary benefit

The excellent cooperation with the customer’s team made it possible that this upgrade was realized smoothly and within shortest possible downtime. “We know each other. This makes good cooperation easier in any case”, explains the SLS employee responsible for modernizations & retrofits.

The retrofit concept and the result

Within only a short time our team upgraded the MDF-plant to a modern ContiRoll®. The individual project steps:

  • Disassembly of roller rods
  • Assembly of a package of upper and lower hot platens as well as steel belts
  • Lifting of this package by means of press cylinders
  • Insertion of pressure distribution plates in press with special equipment and roller supports
  • Lowering of hot platens

The result:

  • Lower glue dosage or less wood consumption with consistently high product quality
  • Significantly higher precision of pressure distribution
  • Optimum development of bonding strength at adhesive bonds
  • Higher plant availability

Further information

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