Contibelt stainless steelbelts

Short profile
Features of the stainless steelbelts

Siempelkamp has been using stainless steelbelts from Contibelt for many years. In the area of spare parts we supply belts for all continuous presses in the wood-based panels industry, manufactured according to Siempelkamp specifications for steelbelts. In addition, we offer all the usual services for steelbelts:

  • Endless welding when installing new belts
  • Shot peening
  • Insertion of patches
  • Crack repair
  • Edge rounding
  • Inspections
Product overview
Dimensions Tolerances Surface finish
Max. length: 200,000 mm Length tolerance: +10 / -40 mm Mill finish (OSB)
Max. width: 3,030 mm (from 1,550 mm with longitudinal seam) Width tolerance: +2 / -2 mm Ground on one side (chip)
Max. thickness: 3 mm (thicker material not in stock) Thickness: +0.2 / -0.2 mm Ground on both sides (MDF)

Product advantages
and customer benefits

  • Spare parts and services from a single source
  • High-quality product
  • Extensive experience and many references

These product advantages result in the following specific benefit for you:

Further information

For optimized steelbelt maintenance and to detect even the smallest steelbelt damage, we recommend using our online steelbelt monitoring system.

24/7 Steelbelt Monitoring

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