EcoScan NEO

Innovative measuring system
for particle board, MDF, HDF and OSB

EcoScan NEO provides Siempelkamp plant operators with two essential advantages in one measuring system: a high-resolution analysis of the weight-per-unit-area distribution and reliable tramp material detection. Measured data is collected simply and quickly aover the entire mat cross section directly after the pre-press.

Brief profile
Features of EcoScan NEO

According to the fast absorption measurement method, the traversing measuring heads of EcoScan NEO scan the entire mat width in a sinus curve. One or two X-ray sources (the number depends on the board width) located underneath the mat emit X-rays through the mat. Self-adjusting measuring heads located above the mat detect the residual radiation that has not been absorbed. Taking the forming belt into account, even the smallest deviations in weight per unit area are detected at a consistent resolution of ±0.5% of the mat weight over the entire measuring range. An independent, stand-alone EcoScan NEO system emits X-rays through the entire mat. An intelligent algorithm detects tramp material as small as 1.6 mm. This is the most effective protection of all downstream press components.


Product advantages and customer benefits
Better mat quality

  • Clear multidimensional visualization
  • Precise localization of forming errors and tramp material in the mat
  • Limitation of faulty mat sections containing density deviations
  • Detection of even the smallest tramp material
  • Statistic online evaluation by linking the gauge to the intelligent process control system Prod-IQ® and visualization of the results on various kinds of HDI-surfaces


These product advantages result in the following specific benefits for you:

The EcoScan NEO

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