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For 75% of our customers, the topic of digitization is very relevant, and the trend is rising. That is why we offer a continuously growing number of solutions that enable efficient digital processes: from reliable monitoring of machine condition and KPIs, location-independent remote support and automated spare parts supply to self-optimizing plants with our latest development, Prod-IQ • SmartPress.

Digitization as a gamechanger
Decide the competition in your favor

Digitization has become the decisive factor for profitability and a secure future, in the wood-based panels industry as in all other sectors. Its potential applications cover all areas of production: For example, digital products and services can network machines and plants to collect and analyze data in real time, or use AI and machine learning to automate processes up to fully autonomous decision-making. The result: more precise monitoring and control of production and business processes, leading to greater efficiency, higher quality, reduced downtime and optimized resource utilization.

Products and services for digitized processes

Intelligent, modular control system for optimized production processes up to the AI-based self-optimizing plant.


  • Reliable key figures in real time for production management, quality assurance, maintenance and repair
  • Higher process efficiency
  • Increased productivity
  • Assured quality
  • More profitability

Product page Prod-IQ®

Product page Prod-IQ • SmartPress

Various modular remote services to support maintenance, process optimization and plant malfunctions, e.g. 24/7 Remote Service or Remote Glasses


  • Reduced downtimes and maximum availability
  • Location-independent 24/7 access to the entire Siempelkamp expertise
  • Use of special remote software for highest security requirements

Product page Remote Services

Digitization of administrative and recurring business processes, e.g. automated ordering of standard spare parts, order confirmation and invoicing.


  • Maximum efficiency, reliable and cost-optimized production, and savings in resources
  • Coordinated price lists in the customer ERP
  • No individual quotations required for most spare parts
  • Fully automated ordering up to certain value limits

Product page EDI

Plant-specific online spare parts catalogs for new and existing plants.


  • Optimized spare parts selection and stocking
  • Fast identification of installation locations
  • Maximized plant availability
  • Precise spare parts management

Product page Online Spare Parts Catalogue

“Do you want to increase the efficiency, quality and flexibility of your production? Take advantage of the potential of digitization. We have the right solutions for you.”

Dr. Stephan Niggeschmidt

Siempelkamp innovation
Digital platform “IQ”

“IQ” - that is the name of the new platform that is now available to our customers as a new, holistic digital approach. With “IQ”, wood-based panel plants can be controlled more selectively, simply, and more efficiently, as all digital Siempelkamp products and services are now grouped together in a single location. With “IQ”, our customers receive all digital processes and tools that are relevant in the life cycle of their plant at a glance and linked in a uniform manner. This ensures consistency and optimal control of the largest three performance areas essential for efficient and safe operation of a wood-based panel plant: management, service, and communication /  documentation. The three service areas of the digital platform "IQ" culminate in the newly bundled modules ”Manage – Service – Connect“.

Digital communication interface


  • Document management (single source of truth) - quotations, operating instructions, drawings, etc.
  • Mailbox, messenger function

More consistency and transparency for plant operators

  • Even more targeted, efficient and easy control of wood-based panel plants
  • Access to all digital processes and tools relevant in the plant life cycle
  • Everything-everywhere solution for plant information and services, centralized and accessible from any location
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